Wyderhaken Tätsch Grittelen Lätz Päckli Fussstich Brienzer Kurz Film

Just like Emmentaler AOC, wrestling is a genuine slice of Switzerland and an integral part of our culture. And to mark the forthcoming Swiss Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival in Burgdorf, there is the Crown Emmentaler – a strong cheese made using a linen cloth as it was in bygone days and featuring a label that is all about Swiss wrestling. It was designed by hand by Swiss artist Thomas Ott and shows the main throws involved in Swiss wrestling, with the most important scene having pride of place in the middle, namely the wrestlers shaking hands in a demonstration of fair play before the bout begins. Click with the mouse on the individual illustrations to enlarge them and to watch the accompanying video. You can click in the middle to find out how Matthias Sempach and Kilian Wenger get the Crown into submission.