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Swiss wrestling – it’s a tradition, just like the way Emmentaler AOP is produced and matured. It is one of the reasons why Emmentaler AOP is seen as the king of cheeses the world over. The Swiss wrestling crown is also one that is hotly disputed, with the various heavyweights coming together every three years at the Federal Wrestling and Alpine Games Festival. The winners are given a laurel crown of which they can be justifiably proud.

The name “Crown” was not chosen lightly. To allow the strong, spicy flavour to fully develop, each cheese matures for at least 14 months and is tended to by hand on a weekly basis by the dairyman. It is produced solely in traditional dairies in the Emme valley, where the abundant natural meadows and close cooperation between the local dairy farmers and cheese-masters set the standards for the high levels of quality of Emmentaler AOP Crown.