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Families are of capital importance for Emmentaler Switzerland. Many of the dairies which produce Emmentaler AOC have been family-run businesses for generations and make an important contribution to the quality of our cheese. They produce on a sustainable basis and with the necessary long-term view to ensure that resources will still be available for generations to come. Emmentaler cheese is also a perfect addition to any family meal, providing adults and children alike with many of the important elements which are necessary for strong growth and a healthy body, including:
- vitamin A for good sight
- vitamin D which regulates the calcium balance
- vitamin B2 to promote growth and
- calcium to build up healthy bones and teeth.


Depending on your children’s ages, a daily portion of 20 to 60 grammes is a healthy amount. Rahmtaler is a particular favourite with younger consumers as it is mild and tender, with plenty of kids loving the taste.


Emma the Cow Detective

Emma the Cow Detective (or “Mukka Emma” to use her Italian name) is a cow who has seven brothers and sisters and who takes readers on a journey through the Emme Valley and into a world of mysteries and whodunnits. The first Mukka Emma book was written by author Peter Colback in 2008 and published in Italian. The children’s book is now published in Switzerland by the Landverlag publishing company in conjunction with Emmentaler Switzerland and Switzerland Cheese Marketing. “Emma the Cow Detective” books are available in German, French and Italian in bookstores and also from our shop.