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Rahmtaler. The tender, creamy new cheese from Emmentaler Switzerland.

Rahmtaler is a mild, creamy and tender semi-hard cheese which used to be made many years ago but which had long disappeared. The history of Rahmtaler dates back as far as the 16th century, when production of butter was limited due to surpluses, meaning that the milk used for cheese production was no longer skimmed. The cheese made with full-cream milk produced a type of Rahmtaler. The recipe was altered in the 18th century when the cream was skimmed off milk produced in the evenings and added to the unprocessed milk the following morning to make the cheese, giving it a particularly creamy taste. When the first valley cheese dairies started to appear in the 20th century and the mountain dairies began dying out, production of Rahmtaler gradually stopped.


Emmentaler Switzerland has brought Rahmtaler back to life and has relaunched production of this mild, creamy speciality cheese. Enjoy tender, creamy Rahmtaler with its generous taste and try out some delicious Rahmtaler recipes too.


Rahmtaler will be available in Switzerland from 2011 and abroad from 2012.