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Mild Emmentaler AOC is available when at least four months old, while mature is eight months and fully matured 12 months old. Other than the cave-aged cheese, all Emmentaler AOC cheeses are stored and matured in dry cheese cellars. Cave-aged Emmentaler AOC is matured for a total of at least 12 months, six of which are spent in a stone cave. The longer an Emmentaler AOC is matured, the darker the rind.


Our Emmentaler AOC is incidentally a healthy product. It is one of the most important sources of calcium, which of course is essential for building and maintaining strong bones, healthy teeth and properly functioning muscles. But that is not all – Emmentaler AOC provides important nutrients for a healthy diet.

  • Vitamin A for good vision
  • Vitamin D manages calcium levels
  • Vitamin B2 provides energy and supports growth
  • Vitamin B12 helps the development of blood cells

With only 0.5 grammes of salt per 100 grammes, Emmentaler AOC has a very low salt content – another healthy aspect. It is also important to note that Emmentaler AOC is well matured and therefore lactose-free. Those suffering from lactose-intolerance, which is the most common digestive problem around the world, have no problems digesting Emmentaler AOC.


Did you know that halal-certified Emmentaler AOC is also available? For more information, please cotact Emmentaler Switzerland at info(at)emmentaler.ch