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In our role as the Emmentaler Switzerland (ES) industry organisation, our aim is to serve our members by promoting the precisely defined, natural, original Emmentaler AOC made from raw milk in a long-term and sustainable way. We ensure a uniform presentation of the brand and position this traditional Swiss speciality cheese throughout the world in the premium segment.
Our goal is to help our product along the path to success and create tangible value for our members. To achieve this, we help to shape the political, legal and financial framework conditions as well as focus and safeguard broader interests. We are committed to the profitable and high-quality producing and maturing of original Emmentaler AOC, and support cheese-making for which a natural, environmentally friendly agricultural and dairy industry is a priority. We ensure protection of origin in accordance with the ordinance regarding the protection of designations of origin, set the quality targets and requirements and monitor defined standards.
Our marketing focuses on the development and strengthening of the Emmentaler AOC brand. The aim is to increase consumption, open up new target groups and sales channels, track down and fight counterfeits and build up the long-term loyalty of internal and external customers.