Emmentaler Show Dairy

Live craftsmanship

Live production

Free cheese-making experience

Welcome to the Emmentaler Show Diary in Affoltern in typical Emmentaler surroundings. It’s a busy place, because the finest Emmentaler AOP is hand-crafted here. As it is in over 100 village dairies where this world-famous Swiss cheese is produced.

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What’s really special is that you can watch the professionals at work. Early in the morning, farmers from the surrounding villages deliver their fresh milk, which the cheese makers immediately turn into Emmentaler AOP with a great deal of sensitivity, craftsmanship and commitment.

Have you always wanted to know how the cheese gets its famous holes? Then visit the authentic Emmentaler AOP cheese diary, which has open days almost all year round – a free experience for the whole family, whatever the weather.

When and where

Find out here at which times you can follow the cheese-making process from A to Z.

Discover the King’s Way experience

Interactive tour and tasting

Follow the journey of the ‘king of cheeses’ on a self-guided digital tour.

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Immerse yourself in the home and history of original Emmentaler AOP during this tour featuring digital and traditional elements. Join the entertainment as the three main characters – the cheese maker, the mouse and the cow – guide you through nine rooms until you reach the depths of the stunning maturation cellar. At the end of the 25-minute tour, you will know more than ever about how our world-famous cheese is made.

The highlight is the tasting session offering different maturation levels of Emmentaler AOP with a view of the cheese storage facility.

Prices and times

Find out here how much the visit costs and when the tour is open.


In the restaurant and specialist cheese shop

Gourmets will be delighted by the Emmentaler Show Dairy.

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A magnificent view of the Emmentaler landscape and a range of typical Swiss dishes await. Everything is made from regional ingredients and prepared with love. And using the finest Emmentaler AOP, of course.

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Insider tip

don’t miss the generous Alpine Sennenbrunch buffet on Sundays.

Kaesefachgeschaeft Schaukaeserei 7
Specialist cheese shop

The Emmentaler Show Dairy shop stocks the largest selection of cheese in the region. Local Emmentaler AOP specialities, Emmentaler AOP gift baskets and many other regional delicacies will thrill every gourmet.

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Insider tip

ask for local specialities that are only available here.


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