Blogger trip: out together on the trail of Emmentaler AOP

Out together on the trail of Emmentaler AOP

Together with bloggers from across Switzerland, Emmentaler Switzerland set off on the trail of Emmentaler AOP. The visit took in every phase involved in the making of the Swiss original, from sourcing the delicious raw milk from an Emmentaler AOP dairy farm to making the cheese at the Emmentaler show dairy and the affinage at Langnau, showcasing what makes Emmentaler AOP the king of all cheeses. The wonderfully sunny Emmental valley was also at its most splendid, introducing city kids to the delights of the countryside as part of this exciting trip. Along with Swiss wrestling champions Matthias Sempach and Sonia Kälin the entire blogger group attended an SCL Tigers ice hockey game at the Ilfishalle ice rink. The outing itself concluded on a culinary high note with a tasting of Emmentaler AOP in various degrees of maturation.



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