Some key questions and answers

Raw milk

Raw milk is a precious natural product. The raw milk used in Emmentaler AOP comes from family-run farms. The milk producers we work with have often been supplying their milk to an Emmentaler AOP cheese dairy for generations, which means they make an important contribution to the quality of our cheese.

Our dairy farmers produce milk sustainably, working with the future in mind to ensure that the earth’s precious natural resources will remain available to future generations. Swiss farmers and their important work are part of a long value chain that stands for high-quality milk and raising cows in accordance with the principles of animal welfare. We are proud that all Swiss dairy farmers, including those who contribute to the making of Emmentaler AOP, care for the environment by adhering to strict ecological guidelines. Swiss milk is never produced using factory farming techniques, guaranteed. The average Swiss dairy farm has only 26 cows.

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What is raw milk?

Put simply, raw milk is untreated milk, which means that it is a purely natural product. It is untreated in the sense that it is neither pasteurised nor homogenised, so it is not exposed to any heat treatments. Unlike raw milk, pasteurised milk is heated to at least 72°C in order to increase its shelf life. However, to qualify as raw milk, milk can only be heated to a maximum of 40°C.

What animal does the raw milk that goes into Emmentaler AOP come from?

In general, raw milk can come from a range of livestock such as cows, goats, sheep and buffalo. However, the raw milk that goes into Emmentaler AOP only comes from cows that feed on grass and hay and have plenty of space to roam.

Is raw milk healthy?

To qualify as raw milk, milk can only be heated to a maximum of 40°C. Because the milk may only warmed very gently (in contrast to pasteurisation in which the milk is heated to 72°C), it remains unchanged, and all the vitamins are preserved.

Is Emmentaler AOP a raw milk cheese?

Yes, the only milk that goes into Emmentaler AOP is fresh raw milk from the region. The milk comes from cows fed on fresh grass and hay. This is what gives the cheese its distinctive aroma. We are dedicated to keeping our cheese 100% natural – preserved silage is never on the menu. We also make sure that our cows have plenty of space to roam.

Want to learn more about the AOP acronym and quality seal? Then take a look at our article: What does AOP mean?

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Some key questions and answers

Raw milk

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