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EURO Switzerland–Germany

This is how it works:

The ball needs to hit home! To ensure the Swiss team gets as many shots into the opponent’s goal as possible, ask all your visitors to lend a helping hand – using two fingers, simply kick the ball into the goal made of Emmentaler AOP cheese as often as possible. Anyone who scores gets to have another go!

EMMENTALER germanyswitzerland copyBuy a perforated metal serving tray.

Cut four equally long rectangular pieces of Emmentaler AOP cheese for the goal posts on either side. Use toothpicks to secure two on each side onto the tray so they form a triangle. Cut another long rectangular piece to serve as the crossbar and lay it onto the two side posts.

Now place thin slices of Emmentaler AOP cheese in the goal to act as a base and decorate the sides of the goal with rosemary sprigs inserted into the perforation holes.

Knot together cotton thread to make the net, or buy netting from a craft shop and cut to length as required. Secure the net to the side posts with toothpicks and tie it to the crossbar with a piece of string.

Now decorate the goal with a few slices of cucumber and tomatoes, a few microgreens and the country flags. The football can be made from fondant icing. Goal!

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