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Cheese Board Sushi

This is how it works:

The Cheese Board Sushi is certain to delight all those who appreciate the exceptional and have an eye for the finer things in life. The decorative cheese board with its sushi rolls made from Emmentaler AOP certainly delivers on its promise and is sure to elicit lots of ‘oohs!’ and ‘aahs!’ from your guests.

Make sure you use a decorative dish such as a Chinese ceramic plate. On this plate, place a large spoon heaped with jam and an empty spoon next to it.

Next, cut the red pepper, cucumber and pear into thin strips some 5 cm in length. Wrap a piece of Emmentaler AOP slice around each one, then use chives to lace up the rolls. Place a sushi roll in the empty spoon and the other two next to it.

To replicate the cross-section of a sushi roll, cut out rings of red pepper and round slices of cucumber and cheese. Place the cheese on the cucumber slices, and then a pepper ring around the circular piece of Emmentaler AOP. Don’t worry if the cheese has a hole in the middle: it will make it look even more like a sushi roll! Place three stacks next to the sushi rolls.

Cut small fish shapes out of a piece of Emmentaler AOP or use a cookie cutter. Arrange the little fish on the plate along with a handful of finely chopped radishes and a few crackers. Decorate with microgreens such as pea shoots, and that’s it: your work of art is complete!

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