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EURO Scotland–Switzerland

This is how it works:

The longer the EURO championships last, the greater the excitement! The cheering fans at the edge of the pitch are rooting for their team and pushing them to give their best. It’s a good thing that the little football spectators made from Emmental PDO cheese don’t mind when they get eaten up after the match has ended.

EMMENTALER SCOGTISHSWISS copy 2Take flat piece of Emmentaler AOP, around 1 cm thick, to cut out all the parts you need to create your football fans: a V-shaped piece for the trousers, a T-shirt shape for the top and a circle for the head. Position the upper body on top of the trousers, inserting a thin slice of red pepper between the two.

Now carve the noses from a piece of cucumber and the mouths from red pepper. Use a small amount of cream cheese to stick the nose and mouth to the face and push two black peppercorns into the cheese for the eyes. Secure the head to the figure with the help of a toothpick. Cut slim sections of vegetable to make suitable shirt collars.

For the hands, insert small rosemary sprigs into the sleeves. Using rosemary needles, thyme sprigs and parsley you can now have fun creating some hairdos for your fans.

Finally, insert the national flags into small pieces of cheese, decorate a stick of celery with thinly sliced radish and cucumber, and add a few sprigs of parsley for greenery. Your cheering fans are now complete!

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