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When the harvest moon is full in the nighttime sky and the night owls are on the wing, a late-night cheese board with Emmentaler AOP is a delightful way to prolong those witching hours ad infinitum – with good stories, good company, and goodly culinary treats.

Wenn der Vollmond am Himmel steht und die Nachteulen noch lange nicht müde sind, vermag ein Late Night Cheese Board mit Emmentaler AOP Käse die Nacht endlos auszudehnen – mit Geschichten, Geselligkeit und Genuss.

First rinse two celery stalks and place them at right angles to each other on a platter.

Next cut two saucer-sized circles out of a flat piece of Emmentaler AOP and place one on the bottom celery stick and the other on top.

Now cut two moon crescents out of a piece of toast. Place the crescents on the Emmentaler circles with the tips pointing upwards, making sure the tips are no longer on the cheese but pointing over the edge, like two pointed ears.

For the owl’s eyes, use two flat, circular pieces of Emmentaler AOP and place a halved grape and a peppercorn on top to make the pupil. For the beak, use a triangle of carrot.

For the wings, place a sage leaf under the side of each owl. For the feet, use two small halves of a carrot slice. Next add flowers made from Emmentaler AOP with halved redcurrants as blossoms along the celery stick – and that’s it: your night owl cheese board is ready!

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