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Mother’s Day cake

This is how it works:

It’s lovely to get roses on Mother’s Day, but they have one disadvantage – they’re not edible. The Mother’s Day cake made with Emmental PDO cheese is just as eye-catching, but also delicious. And probably a much bigger surprise!

Take a 2 cm thick piece of Emmental PDO cheese, cut a big circle out of it and lay this onto a cake plate. Now thinly slice a cucumber and cover the base of the cake with the slices.

For the second layer of the cake you need two smaller circles of cheese. Lay them on the cucumber and cover them with thin slices of radish. For the crowning layer, cut another, even smaller circle from a piece of Emmental PDO and place it on top of the radish slices.

To finish, you can cut a big heart out of a red pepper and secure it to the top of the cake with a cocktail stick. Decorate the Mother’s Day cake with fresh fruit, sprouted seeds or crackers and serve with something sweet, such as honey or jam.

Lots of love for Mother’s Day

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