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This is how it works:

The sails are set, and the aperitif ship laden with Emmentaler AOP has weighed anchor and sets course for the islands of tasty treats. The cheese vessel is escorted by a flotilla of crispy Kambly goldfish. High time, then, to get everyone on board or, rather, to gather everyone around the cheese board!

Take a large, long piece of Emmentaler AOP and carve a ship shape out of it. For the rigging, i.e. the masts and the ropes, you’ll need some long wooden sticks, for instance barbecue skewers. Insert one of the wooden sticks into the centre of the ship to act as a mast and attach a small triangle of red pepper to the top end as a flag.

Use some hemp string to attach a smaller transom below the flag, raising a slice of Emmentaler AOP as a sail. Fasten the lower end of the sail to the ship’s rail using hemp string and toothpicks.

Next pin two halves of an olive stuffed with pepper to the outside of the bow and fill the ship with goodies: dried apricots, kiwi and cucumber slices, fig halves, halved strawberries, microgreens and pistachios all make for a splendid cargo.

Now place the boat on an oval wooden platter and scatter the Kambly goldfish all around it – and that’s it: your aperitif ship is afloat!

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