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Cheese Board Nature

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The Cheese Board Nature is a real feast for the eyes. The sight of this colourful cheese platter is certain to brighten the mood, like a stroll across a meadow full of flowers. With the Cheese Board Nature, each season is transformed into a fragrant summer’s day, one where the living is easy.

For the serving platter, use an elongated wooden board, the more rustic the better. Next, place thin spring onions upside down on the platter to recreate flower stems and cover the green ends with sprigs of fresh thyme.

Now carve the simplest of flower shapes out of a red pepper and a carrot and place them on the heads of the spring onions. Likewise, cut flower shapes out of a cucumber and place them between the other ‘blooms’.

Next, cut some more floral shapes of different sizes out of a thin piece of Emmentaler AOP and arrange them on the platter. Use small pieces of cheese or small dots of red pepper to recreate flower heads. Add small blooms made of radish to garnish your flower meadow even more lavishly.

As a decorative highlight, why not embellish your cheese board further by adding edible flowers such as daisies, nasturtiums, cornflowers, dandelions, marigolds or violets? Finally, add some home-baked pretzels and voilà! – your feast for the eyes is ready!

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