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Summer cheeseboard

This is how it works:

A summer cheeseboard is the perfect accompaniment to balmy evenings and convivial gatherings. With Emmental PDO and a garnish of fresh fruit, this colourful cheeseboard will appeal to everyone present. Happy vibes are guaranteed!

Use a square Himalayan salt plate as a base. Put a small bowl of crackers (seeded ones go well) in the centre and place a triangular piece of Emmental PDO in all four corners of the plate.

Starting from the middle of the edge, run a row of overlapping cheese squares down to the bowl and then continue on to the bottom edge.

Halve a plum and slice the halves. Run rows of the overlapping slices diagonally from the corners to the bowl. Cut a melon into bite-size pieces and place these to the left and the right of the bowl to create an attractive symmetry.

Now fill the gaps with blueberries and pomegranate seeds. Again make sure to arrange the fruit symmetrically. To finish, cut some fresh figs in half and position the halves in the corners. Now decorate the summer cheeseboard with fresh thyme sprigs and you’re all set for your aperitif party!

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