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A classic cheeseboard enhances every aperitif party. The harmonious combination of Emmentaler AOP, fruits, nuts and cold meats invites visitors to tuck in and enjoy. Serve this classic cheeseboard for an entertaining evening among friends and family.

Use a round wooden board, made of dark walnut, for example. Place a small bowl of olives on the board and scatter a handful of dried apricots beside it.

Fold slices of dry-cured ham and arrange them in an overlapping row, running to the centre of the board. Now slice some chorizo and starting at the centre, run a row of overlapping slices to the edge.

Place a handful of pistachios in the centre and lay crackers along the edge of the board. Cut slices of Emmentaler AOP into triangles and arrange them along the bottom edge in a line. Lay a few dried pear halves next to the cheese.

Place a handful of grapes into the remaining space. Finally, cut some fresh figs in half and position these in any gaps. Now decorate the cheeseboard with rosemary and you’re all set for your aperitif party!

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