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You’re bound to stand out with this cheery decorative idea set among all the colourful Easter eggs and Easter bunnies and earn lots of plaudits and excitement. After all, Emmentaler AOP cheese looks good at Easter, too.
With Emmentaler AOP cheese sticks inside the eggs, you’re sure to put a smile on the faces of your guests gathered around the Easter table. Cut off a long piece of Emmentaler AOP cheese and use a dollop of cream cheese to stick on two peppercorns as eyes and a thin, oblong slice of red pepper for a mouth.
Use herbs like rosemary, dill or thyme to give your cheese sticks a nice hairstyle. Simply stick in small sprigs of rosemary or thyme and use a little cream cheese to secure the dill. Sliced radishes also make for a great hat. For Easter decorations, cut cucumber and red or yellow pepper slices into egg shapes and use a knife to carve decorative patterns into them.
The decorated Emmentaler AOP cheese sticks can now be plunged into the yellow part of the soft-boiled egg to await the lucky guests.

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