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Producer organisation

There are lots of people behind our famous cheese, all working together towards the same goal: to represent and balance the interests of milk producers, cheese manufacturers and trading companies within the consortium of Emmentaler Switzerland. Together, the producer organisation promotes traditional, faithful production according to the quality guidelines and values of Emmentaler AOP to ensure that this Swiss speciality cheese will continue to taste just as it always has.

«Emmentaler AOP cheese production supports Switzerland’s natural, eco-friendly agriculture and dairy farming.»
Urs Schlüchter, Director, Emmentaler Switzerland

The Board

The governing body of Emmentaler Switzerland is made up of representatives of the interest groups, milk producers, cheese manufacturers and trading companies. They are responsible for the strategic management of the producer organisation.


Daniel Meyer

Cheese manufacturers

Jacques Gygax


Markus Liechti

Cheese dairy Ricken

Christoph Räz

Cheese dairy Uettlingen (Vice President)

Roman Zemp

Cheese dairy Bramegg

Milk producers

Adrian Zemp


Christof Baumgartner


Pierre-André Pittet

Swiss milk producers

Fritz Wyss

Wengi bei Büren

Trading companies

Sandro Renz

Hardegger Käse AG

Marc Neuenschwander

Neuenschwander Käse AG

Josef Wyss

Emmi Schweiz AG

Michael Mathier

Milka Käse AG


Ensures the profitable, high-quality, traditional production and maturation of Emmentaler AOP. Is also responsible for marketing, as well as for protection of trademark and origin.

Stefan Gasser


Alfred Rufer

Commercial Manager

Regina Miesch


Monika Meyer


Stefano Aronica

International Marketing

Annemarie Boos

Senior Manager Brand, Marketing & Communication

Sandra Wiedmer

Marketing & Communication Manager

Edith Lorentz

Marketing & Communication Manager

Urs Gilgen

Head of Quality & Technology

Hans-Ulrich Messerli

Division Manager Quality & Technology

Sonia Renna

Administration Quality & Technology



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