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The diverse varieties of Emmentaler AOP

Switzerland has around 700 different varieties of cheese. They are popular not only by cheese aficionados here in Switzerland, but by lovers of hard and soft cheeses all around the world. Emmentaler AOP is right up there with the very best-loved Swiss cheeses. No wonder it is often called the “King of Cheeses”. Discover the different varieties of this much-loved Swiss original for yourself.

With eight different levels of maturity, there is an Emmentaler AOP to tickle the taste buds of every cheese connoisseur. Flavours span from nutty and mild to strong and tangy to a pure and full-bodied taste, all depending on the maturing time and type of maturation.
When you buy an Emmentaler AOP, you can be sure you are getting a first-class, natural Swiss product. You can also be sure that everything that goes into the cheese comes from the region and that sustainability was a top priority throughout the production process.

Switzerland’s much-loved hard cheese – the diverse varieties of Emmentaler AOP

Discover the nuances of the different varieties of Emmentaler AOP, each with their own characteristic flavour:

Emmentaler AOP Classic

The classic: with a nutty and mild taste.
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Emmentaler AOP Réserve

The distinctly tangy one.
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Emmentaler AOP Extra

The tangy and spicy one.
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Emmentaler AOP Cave-aged

The full-flavoured one.
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Emmentaler AOP Organic

The nutty and mild to tangy and spicy one.
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Emmentaler AOP Gotthelf

The distinctly tangy one.
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Emmentaler AOP Crown

The distinctly tangy to spicy one.
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Emmentaler AOP URTYP®

The one with the pure, full-bodied and aromatic flavour.
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Original recipes with cheese to impress your guests

True cheese lovers can’t get enough of its versatility. Whether you are looking for canapés or something for brunch, a main or a desert, something vegetarian or a meat dish, Emmentaler AOP is the ultimate all-rounder ingredient of Swiss cuisine.

Need some original recipes using cheese? It can be the star of your cheese platter, the pizzazz in your salad or the silkiness in your pasta dish. Emmentaler AOP is the perfect ingredient for cheese-based dishes that will leave your taste buds tingling. Here, you will find the ideal cheese recipe for every occasion. Find out more.

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