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Emmentaler AOP Specialities

Emmentaler AOP Specialities
mild to intense
(slightly sweet
to extra spicy)
maturing period

Something unique for every taste

A wealth of unique cheeses.

All with that «certain something».

A wide variety of flavours and firmness.

Flavours ranging from mild to intense.

From sweet and milky to tangy and savoury. From smoothly melting to crumbly.

There’s something for every cheese lover.

Whether they’re looking for a full-bodied, traditional or aromatic natural cheese.

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«Every Emmentaler AOP speciality has a unique flavour, thanks to its individual maturation level. Personally, I prefer a strong, extra mature Emmentaler AOP with fruity apricot or plum chutney.»
Urs Reichen, Cheese Ambassador at Chäs&Co and Host at Landhus Almens

Try at home

Recipes with Emmentaler AOP

Beef Wellington
  • 75 minutes
  • Recipe iconmedium
  • Recipe icon
Pull apart bread
  • 40 minutes
  • Recipe iconsimple
  • Recipe icon
  • vegetarian

Traditional craft since time immemorial.
Traditional ripening in the region.

A local delicacy made of unprocessed raw milk.

Individually ripened from four months to several years.

Regional specialities with the Emmentaler AOP quality label.

Some with special flavours and additions.

Each wheel of cheese is unique.

For the most discriminating connoisseurs.

Handmade specially for the cheese counter.

Cheese stories

Interesting facts and news

Paying a visit to dairy farmer «Mättu» Sempach

Cows give us more than just milk

All about the lives of happy cows

Animal welfare for cows

Some key questions and answers

Raw milk


Perfectly matured flavour


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